“Healthy Labels” on Food

24 Aug

I was making ramen noodles last night (yup 30 years old and I still eat Ramen) and I noticed the “0 Trans Fat” label on the front of it. I know Ramen isn’t good for me, its loaded with enough salt to kill a horse. Whenever I see a food with some label on the front telling me how its fat free, reduced sodium I always look on the back to see what it is that is killing me. Its always there. Oh, a new form of Mountain Dew with 0 calories and yet enough sugar to make a half dozen cakes. Just one of those things I notice.


Just getting my thoughts out

5 Apr

Hello Everyone,

As I move into my 30’s and my 4th year of parenting, it is hard not to look around and just point things out and say “would you look at that.” My goal is simply to get those things out in writing, for me and whomever chooses to read them.